Date: 7/28/19 8:25 am
From: Pamela Johnston <shovzan...>
Subject: [obol] Kindergarten for jays and sparrows
This morning there are fledgling Spotted Towhees and Dark-eyed Juncos
begging for food under the feeders, presumably the last of the season.

For the last week or so, the Steller's Jays here have all been hatch year
birds. The sequence is like this: the adults take suet to the nestlings and
then lead the fledglings to the feeders. After the young are eating here,
the adult birds beat it. The young assemble near the house and descend on
the feeders each day. It's an assortment of youth, some with the profile of
a tack hammer and greyish heads, older ones that only lack the blue eyebrow
marks. The youngest sometimes beg from the others, but it doesn't pay off.
It's fun to watch them move from uncertainty to competence.

Pamela Johnston
outside McMinnville

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