Date: 7/25/19 12:28 pm
From: Bill Tice <ticebill7...>
Subject: [obol] Grass Mt
I birdied this morning with Chuck Philo and Darrel Faxon on Grass Mountain, in SE Lincoln Co. chuck knows the area well, and we went up there today because he had a significant movement of warblers there this time last year. We only had a few of them today.

The area has a splendid view of the surrounding mountains and I am sure of the ocean if the humidity was not a factor. As the fireweed and fox gloves were in full bloom, we had many rufous hummers, maybe up to 50 or so in about a 300 yard stretch. I have never encountered such in the coast range so this was very fascinating.

Otherwise, nothing unusual was seen. We did find 2-3 covies of Mt Quail, which is always nice. One olive sided and two willow flycatchers were fun.

Lower in elevation a common nighthawk at Klickatat Lake was splendid. He even swooped down for a drink twice, making me wish I had my camera. I think we listed about 25 species on the mountain.

Looking forward to the next jaunt there.

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