Date: 7/24/19 10:33 am
From: Dika Golovatchoff <digolov...>
Subject: [sbcobirding] Shore birds Mission Creek Outflow 7/23 and YCNH Devereux 7/22
Yesterday evening I made my first summertime visit to the now quite
attractive channel stretching from about Stearns wharf to the end of Garden
st. Just below parking lot I first saw a fairly large group of gulls
evenly divided between Western and Heermann's. Walking west I found at
least a dozen Whimbrels and one Willet flew by - distinguished by its
striking wing pattern. Also a Marble Godwit with its long downcurved
two-tone bill. Lastly I came upon a group of Black Skimmers, of which I was
able to capture one successful catch with my camera. It's always a joy for
me to watch these very acrobatic foragers.

The day before (7/22) I made a brief stop at Deveruex just before 2PM.
Parking at the "bridge to nowhere" I did not observe a Neotropic - but as I
was watching its usual spot an Osprey flew in, perched briefly and flew off
again toward the ocean. Besides the adult BCNHs and Snowy Egrets I saw
the Juvenile YCNH that appears in Thomas Turner's ebird post for 7/23. It
was in the exact same location as his photo. I did not take a photo of
this bird, mistaking it at first for a BCNH juvenile. I have not been out
to NCOS so I have no idea if it is the same bird that others saw there.
I've had trouble with Flickr lately but I did post a Skimmer and Osprey
photo there today.

Dika Golovatchoff, santa barbara

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