Date: 7/23/19 9:50 pm
From: DAVID A LEATHERMAN <daleatherman...>
Subject: [cobirds] Rare Bird Alert for 7/24/19
Wednesday 7/24/2019

Date: Wednesday, July 24, 2019

E-mail: RBA AT<>

Compiler: David Leatherman; <daleatherman...>

Phone: 970.690.2257(cell)

Please report observations and updates to COBirds. Thanks.

CAPITAL LETTERS denote very rare species, as listed by the Colorado Bird Records Committee (“at the CFO website.

(*) indicates new information on this species.

For more information on birds seen today, go to<> and scroll to the bottom for “Recent eBird Sightings”.

Rare, out-of-place and out-of-season species include:


Least Tern (Otero)

Bell's Vireo (*Prowers)

Yellow-breasted Chat (Gilpin)


Black-throated Sparrow (*Otero)

PAINTED BUNTING (*Jeffco, *Otero)

Dickcissel (Montrose

[set of northern US prairie species (Larimer*)]


—-On July 18 a Yellow-breasted Chat was reported at Golden Gate Canyon SP, down the road from the Visitor Center, by Art Reisman. This is the first eBird county report.


—-On July 20 a (m)Costa’s Hummingbird was reported near the west end of Jackson CR 22 by Steve Mlodinow. It was perched on a thin wire on right side of road (as one is headed nw.) about 15 feet above scraggly line of willows. The first first house on right side has a hummingbird feeder but somewhat dangerous hostile occupants. The second house (100-200 yards past) had very friendly occupants who rehab injured birds. Costa’s was between two houses, unfortunately, nearer first house and flew in that direction.


---On the morning of July 23 a cooperative male Painted Bunting was found by Claire H. at the Chatfield State Park Audubon Center feeders (mostly north building, west side). It was seen and photographed by many observers thru the rest of the day. As interest in this accessible individual will be high, please provide COBIRDS with updates (including its food preference at the feeder).


---Of late, Andy Bankert and Matthew Webb of BCR report Sprague's Pipit (singing, confirmed), Eastern Meadowlark and multiple Baird's Sparrows from the non-public areas within Soapstone Natural Area north of Fort Collins. These birds cannot be pursued by birders because of their location but Andy wishes to let birders know of them because of the possibility other individuals might be spotted on the plains (for example, Pawnee National Grasslands) in suitable habitat at this time of year.


—On July 20 (2) LUCY’S WARBLERS were reported at Gateway Cottonwoods. Two birds have been seen several times at this location, although there is no confirmed breeding. First reported on July 16 by Nic Norte with credit to Mark and Denise Vollmar and Eileen Cunningham who discovered them during their Bluebird Box Survey.


—-On July 18 a Dickcissel was reported at 27 Rd/Nucla -WTO. First reported on July 1 by Brenda Wright and Coen Dexter. This is the first eBird county record.


—On July 21 a Least Tern was reported at Cheraw Lake by Kevin Williams.

---On July 23 a male Painted Bunting and adult Black-throated Sparrow were reported as "continuing" along Higbee Valley Road by Kevin Keirn. Both were photographed. No details provided as to where along the road these birds were seen but in the past these birds have been at least a mile west of Highway 109. Higbee Valley Road (shown but unnumbered in some DeLorme Atlases, in some listed as Otero CR804) goes sw off SR109 about 12 miles south of LaJunta. Also seen along this road were Ladder-backed Woodpecker, Ash-throated Flycatcher and Mississippi Kite.


---On July 23 a Bell's Vireo was reported as "continuing" at Granada SWA by Tony Leukering. This sighting, about 4 miles east of the town of Granada, was ne of the curve in 28 Road where it changes from e-w to n-s.

Upcoming DFO Field Trips...trip details on<>

Reynolds Park and Pine Valley Ranch (Jefferson County)

Monday, July 22

7:30AM - 3:00PM

Mark Amershek (<mamershek...><mailto:<mamershek...>; 303-329-8646)

Audubon Nature Center

Saturday, July 27

8:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Alison Kondler (<birdtrills...><mailto:<birdtrills...>; 303-904-9140)

Staunton State Park (Jefferson County)

Sunday, July 28

6:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Chris Gilbert (<chrisgee9...><mailto:<chrisgee9...>; 804-214-1508)

Louviers (town) and DuPont Open Space (Douglas County)

Sunday, July 28

6:30 AM - 11:00 AM

Patrick O'Driscoll (<patodrisk...><mailto:<patodrisk...>; 303-885-6955)

Walden Ponds Wildlife Habitat/Sawhill (Boulder County)

Friday, August 2

7:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Chuck Hundertmark (<chundertmark8...><mailto:<chundertmark8...>; 303-604-0531)

Enjoy your birding!

David Leatherman

Fort Collins


970.690.2257 (cell)

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