Date: 7/23/19 8:04 pm
From: Wim van Dam <wim.van.dam...>
Subject: [sbcobirding] Request: Filling in historic eBird records for Santa Barbara county
As of recently, the eBird record of Santa Barbara County lists all bird
species that have been observed in our county. Depending on who's doing the
counting that's somewhere between 486 and 509 birds. Here's the eBird list
in reverse chronologic order:

What's still missing, though, are various historic records of various
notable birds. As an example, the earliest eBird record for Northern
Goshawk is 28 June 2009, while Lehman's "The Birds of Santa Barbara County,
California" mentions several earlier records starting in the 70s (see It would be great if we could
fill in these kinds of gaps in the records of eBird. Ideally we would end
up with an eBird record that matches the record of Lehman.

*So, if you have an eBird account and you notice that you have a historic
sighting that is missing, please go ahead and add it. *

When doing so, please note:

- Only add birds that you saw yourself, don't add sightings by others.
For that we have the dedicated eBird account "SBA County Historical
- Incomplete lists are perfectly acceptable, but please add species
comments for anything out of the ordinary so reviewers will validate your

If you have any questions about this, please post them to this group.


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