Date: 7/23/19 8:50 am
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Subject: IBET Sunday, July 28 ENSBC Calumet Marshes field trip cancelled - no sightings
ENSBC was very pleased tobe able to offer this special outing with Walter Marcisz this summer, so it iswith much regret that water conditions have led us to cancel. We hope to beable to offer it again next year. Below is background and information oncurrent conditions provided by Walter. "The marsh birdseason had an auspicious start this year with lots of marsh birds at Big Marshin spring of 2019. Marsh bird presence at Big Marsh continued into June, with 2Least Bitterns, 5 Common Gallinules, 6 Virginia Rails, & 5 Soras beingdetected there on a June 7th survey. Much has changed since then.. Water levelis way up, so high that the water level gauge is completely under water andunreadable. The high water is the result of higher than average precipitationin winter, spring & summer, combined with near record Lake Michigan water levels - all that water simply has nowhere todrain.  "Big Marsh is thebest Calumet marsh bird spot, but the waterlevel there is currently too high for most marsh birds. I birded all of BigMarsh for about 3 hours on Monday July 22nd, but I found no Least Bitterns, nogallinules, and no rails at all despite much searching. All of these species wererelatively easy to detect at Big Marsh at this time last year. Furthermore, thesituation is the same everywhere this year at Calumet.Shorebird habitat is essentially nonexistent in the wetlands."
Suzanne Checchia

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