Date: 7/22/19 10:04 pm
From: Suzanne Coleman <isooz...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...>
Subject: IBET peregrine/s Cook co.
So irony can be good.

Just the other day I was telling someone how I haven't seen any peregrines in what seems like forever. 

Today I finally got up to a new local park (Prospect Park, Park Ridge) that has some new (well not so new now, 1-2 years old?) prairie and created wetland (satellite shows it is likely a legally-mandated creation as the site had natural wetland on it that is gone now, not a fan of this myself, keep the original...).  Anyway, I went to see the spot, what is there, and maybe get some cool insect photos/videos.

I got my stuff together and as I got out of the car and literally said to myself, "I don't need my birding stuff, there's nothing here."  Then I locked the car and walked a few feet and a bird burst into view overhead flying like a crazy thing!  I knew it wasn't something common right away but couldn't ID it at first.  Then I noticed the falcon style of flight/body and as it turned I saw the facial pattern to ID it as a peregrine!  I was so blown away.  Maybe a record for my town?  I don't know.  It flew E (seems like they all fly east towards the Lake) and out of sight too quickly.

But wait, there's more...

So then I wandered up to Glenview, shocking I know.  At air station prairie I was lamenting the lack of birds due to high water when can you believe it I saw probably the same bird or one with the same coloration flying over and away from there!?!  Ridiculous and cool at the same time.  I only ask that one day I actually be able to observe one not flying away (or at me, though that is pretty much unbeatable birding!), and get some video, especially one of the striking patterned young ones.  Can anyone arrange that? :)

Hope you had a good and not as hot day.

Suzanne Coleman
cook co.

Oh and for any locals, the little wetland is nice but little (and mostly filled with plants and I fear I see phragmites in there).  It has pretty angled sides so not sure any rails would nest here, but the red-wingeds have already.  The prairie is also small but happy to have any natives.  They also planted 3? oaks and 2 tamaracks that I noticed (not sure those are appropriate for a prairie but they're still a cool tree).  Would love to see them expand the prairie to fill the grass around it and beyond up the park edges etc.  Then the oaks would become an oak savannah :)  Love it!

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