Date: 7/22/19 5:07 pm
From: Joshua Little <joshua.p.little...>
Subject: [obol] Golden plover fun
Hey Folks,

I've just gone through the photos of the golden plovers I found at Floras
Lake Friday night, and... it's still a puzzle to me. I'm including a link
to my eBird checklist here where I have added photos and tried to be
thorough with notes.

The basic rundown: the bird in question undoubtedly shows some white in the
flanks, but it is minimal, especially compared with the 2 definite Pacifics
that were there. An American in molt would show some white, but so would a
Pacific, obviously. The undertail coverts are a different story. From
profile, rear, and flight views, the Pacifics show extensive white under
the tail, while the bird in question shows solidly black undertail coverts.
From my reading in the Obrien/Crossley/Karlson shorebird bible, and some
internet research, I can't find an instance in which a Pacific would have
that black of an undertail. But I could be mistaken and would happily hear
what others with experience with the species pair would have to say.

I'm not trying to make the bird in question into an American, I just feel
like the evidence leans ever so slightly in that direction. It may have to
be left as a "Lesser" (i.e. American/Pacific), but I'd love to nail it down
one way or the other with some help.

Here's the checklist:

Thanks so much for reading, I'm looking forward to what others have to say!

Good birding!

Joshua Little

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