Date: 7/22/19 11:00 am
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Subject: [obol] Re: scrub jay questions
Would be interesting as there is strong selection pressure from habitat, pines vs oaks, involved in the speciation process.

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I'm pretty sure hybridization is well documented on the western edge of the Great Basin. The California species seems poised to enter Idaho on the coat tails of the Red-shouldered Hawk. Then it will move south into Utah where the populous Wasatch front provides ample habitat for suburban comensals. Will sympatric populations result? Neither the 'shoulder nor Bewick's Wren are advancing toward a sibling species.lpn

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Subject: [obol] scrub jay questions

Are Woodhouse's and California Scrub Jays known to overlap anywhere in range? If so, given the shy nature of the former, is there any information regarding the interaction between the two in their (?) zone of overlap? If not, given the seemingly rapid and ongoing range expansion of the latter, how likely is it they will move into the range of the former at some point in the future?


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