Date: 7/19/19 9:36 pm
From: Joan Lentz via Groups.Io <joanlentz=<>
Subject: [sbcobirding] Sunday lookout for Neotropic Cormorant
Hi Everyone: Sorry to bother you again, but Jon Dunn wants to try for the cormorant on Sunday, since he’ll be in Orange Co for a boat trip the day before.
I am unable to go birding Sunday morning, so hoping that anyone who sees the cormoRunt (!) might post it, especially if early Sunday.
On other topics, I am excited about the beginning of shorebird watching this summer/fall. Yesterday, Libby & I went to the far west end of NCOS, which can be accessed by a bridge at the intersection of Marymount Dr & Reed Ct. Here we were able to quickly get to the “western bridge” if we turned one way, and/or proceed further west towards 2 shallow ponds. Not sure if these would dry up by August, but nevertheless the whole area is a place shorebirds could drop in. Only drawback is you really need a scope, but if you parked at this intersection, it’s not that far to get back to the car if you saw something interesting.
The other fun thing to do is take photos! So you don’t have a great camera, so what? If you’ve got a photo,
you can study plumages back home on your computer & learn a lot. I found this out when I photographed a dowitcher at the Bird Refuge the other day.
Ebird lists available but I’m on my phone so not able to easily send links at the moment!

Good birding!
Joan Lentz

Joan Lentz
Santa Barbara

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