Date: 7/12/19 6:13 am
From: Richard Harlow <raharlow...>
Subject: Re: [VTBIRD] Where have all the hummers gone? (Long time passing)
Many thanks for this report! As a previous bander for 20+ years I truly
appreciate your work and your experience!
I have also experienced this seemingly abrupt drop in hummer feeder
activity. Also, I have noticed, at least here in Middlebury, VT, a drop
in butterfly species along with general decrease in pollinators, and
hoping that the decrease in hummers was not significant. Therefore,
again thanks for your report.

Dick Harlow, Middlebury, VT

On 7/12/19 08:46, anneboby wrote:
> Your observation about recent hummer scarcity is not alone, but fledging has not yet occurred.  I band Ruby-throats at Jenny Lake near Corinth, NY in the SE corner of the Adirondack State Park and based on over 40 yrs of banding, newly fledged juveniles typically appear at the feeders about 25 July.
> These past two weeks hummers have been very scarce at my feeders.  Also, I received a report 1-2 weeks ago from folks at Mooselookmeguntic Lake in Franklin Co., ME where I also band that suddenly hummers disappeared from their feeders where previously they had been abundant.  Based on about 20 yrs of banding there in June and August, as well as reports from Mooselook feeder operators, there are years when hummer numbers drop in July then come surging back in early August as newly fledged young appear.
> I'm not sure what causes the sometime July slump, but natural food is abundant at this time and based on experience in ME, hummers range up to 2-2.5 mi. between feeders.  I band at five feeder locations there along the lake shore and there is an exchange of birds among these feeders.  At Jenny Lake I've experienced recaptures of hummers within 1-2 hrs of banding at a site 1.4 mi. away.  So, hummers don't just park at one feeder; they roam about.
> Keep your feeders out...all is not lost.
> Bob YunickSchenectady, NY
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> From: Larry & Mona Rogers <larryandmona1...>
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> Subject: [VTBIRD] Where have all the hummers gone? (Long time passing)
> Until about ten days ago we had lots of hummingbirds at our small feeder - we were refilling it every day or two.  Suddenly activity slowed way down.  Is it possible that this year's young hummers have all fledged and their parents have stopped using our feeders?
> We don't remember this from previous summers.
> Any thoughts?
> Larry and Mona
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