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The directions from Matt D are great — if anyone is interested in a short site-guide article Gene Hunn & I wrote for Washington Birds years ago [along w/ the sketch map it included], let me know and I can forward a copy.
I haven’t been up there for several years, so I’d rely on Matt and others for recent road conditions and sightings, but the directions and general info should still be good.


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> Mitchell, Lonnie, et al.
> Windy Gap is a fascinating spot, right on the line between King and Kittitas counties. It's in the same general area as Naches Pass / Government Meadows and Kelly Butte, which are all also worth visiting. Windy Gap itself is right on a forest service road, and can be accessed in a normal passenger vehicle during the summer months when the road is not snow-covered. There may be rocks on the road and slightly rough spots along the way, but it's definitely manageable.
> Directions: from Hwy 410, about 2 miles southeast of Greenwater, turn east onto FR 70 . Follow FR 70 for about 8 miles, and turn left (north) onto FR 7030 (aka Whistler Creek Road). You will soon cross a bridge over the Greenwater River. Continue following FR 7030 for about 4 miles, staying on the main line and ignoring smaller side roads, until you hit a T intersection with FR 7036. Turn right onto FR 7036 (turning left would take you towards Kelly Butte). Follow FR 7036 for about 3.5 miles to a flat open area where a smaller road goes off to the right. This is the south end of Windy Gap, and where I usually park.
> This whole area is great for birding, including FR 7036 before you reach the gap itself. I've had the best luck along the main road, and on the ridge north of the parking area. Walking north from the parking area you'll hit a ridge with lots of dead trees, with the main road running around its east side. You can walk straight up the ridge, or follow the two disused roads that run along the crest and west side. All of these are great for sparrows, warblers, bluebirds, finches, etc., and there are often birds flying over or along the ridge itself, especially in fall. For county birders, the crest of the ridge itself is the King/Kittitas county line. The road that leads south/southeast from the parking area is also quite good (though it runs into Kittitas County).
> If anyone has additional questions, feel free to email me directly.
> Good birding,
> Matt Dufort
> Seattle
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>> Hello Tweeters, I have been curious about the reports from Windy Gap over the years. I can’t seem to find info in the Birder’s Guide to Washington, all the areas seem to border but not discuss it. If I am just missing it I would appreciate hearing which section it is in. Otherwise, if any one has any details they would be willing to share I would be happy to learn. For instance I see on google that it’s right on a forest service road, can this be driven up to the spot, is this a hike? Do I want to follow google and use NF-70 off of 410? Thanks in advance for any help. You can reply off this thread unless you think it is something others would want to know as well.
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