Date: 7/11/19 4:12 pm
From: John Facchini <john.facchini...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] RFI for Seaside and Saltmarsh Sparrows

I will be returning to NJ to visit family and am going to try to search for
a few lifers along the way. After reviewing ebird it seems my best best
for late July are Seaside and Saltmarch Sparrows. I was looking at Cattus
Island and Shelter Cove Parks as that's closest to where I will be staying
(Belmar area) and am curios about how reliable they are there/any tips of
where or when (do tides matter?) to go would be appreciated.

If those locations aren't reliable it seems the next best bet would be
Forsythe park (but that would add 2+ hours of driving round trip). Will I
have a much better shot if I head straight there?

Any other hints/tips on reliable locations for these 2 species would be
greatly appreciated - oh and Chuck-will's widow too!

John Facchini
San Francisco

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