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Subject: [obol] Re-posting for Dave Lauten
Some people had difficulty receiving this early-morning post by Dave
Lauten, so I am re-sending it in hopes that it comes through clearly for
all, this time.
Treesa Hertzel
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There is no question in my mind that something is amiss with this birds
feathers. It is not simply a matter of them being wet or muddy; they
appear contaminated with some foreign substance like oil. Shorebird
feathers get wet and muddy all the time, it does not cause the feathers to
appears matted like this. I have seen literally millions of shorebirds
in my life and there is clearly something wrong with this birds plumage.

I noted as Jeff Gilligan that the bird does not have a pale lower
mandible. I have never seen a LT Stint in my life (for sure), but I see
nothing on this bird that indicates it is anything but a Least with
something wrong, which is likely why it is roosting or resting a lot and
spending time by itself. It is stressed.

I tend to think with a potential LT Stint, if it isn't seriously obvious,
it's a Least. Or in other words, instead of convincing yourself it is a
LT, prove that it isn't a Least. I don't think there is much proof here
it isn't a Least. If it calls, I could be proved wrong........

Dave Lauten

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