Date: 7/11/19 12:39 pm
From: Bob Archer <rabican1...>
Subject: [obol] Toes on Long-toed Stint

I believe I have this right, but when looking at length of toe etc, on LT Stint you consider only the toe itself, not the nail that is at end. So Long-toed, not long-toe/clawed , toe itself is longer than tarsus and bill on stint. I’m still standing in Least corner.

Bob Archer

> On Jul 11, 2019, at 11:18 AM, Thomas Love <tlove...> wrote:
> The Troutdale stint continues this morning. I spent about 45 minutes 8-15-9 watching the bird in question (solo - no other birders around!?), in close comparison with many LEAST S.
> I consider this day 1 of my shorebird reeducation camp, as I'm quite rusty on peeps. A very educational morning sorting through the 50-60 LEASTs, 20ish WESTERNs and a single SEMIPALMATED. The putative LONG-TOED STINT was easily findable, not least (ha, ha) because it was always on the mud island in front (east/nearer) of the little pontoon boat.
> My notes: "heavier bodied with apparently somewhat longer thinner neck, but hunched, never stood up tall like shown in field guides or like Sharp-tailed S. as some have mentioned. Yellow-green legs, detectably a bit longer than associated Leasts. Steeper forehead than Leasts, supercilium definitely flares out behind the eye, almost completing a circle around the nape, creating a distinct capped effect unlike any of the Leasts around. Bill somewhat slimmer, longer, drooped at tip. Obviously heavily oiled (so mantle and wing plumage unclear) and maybe even injured, resting for a long time, then got up and started actively feeding."
> I'll be interested in what further commentary on Owen's excellent photos reveals.
> Tom L.

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