Date: 7/11/19 7:20 am
From: Chris Elphick via CTBirds <ctbirds...>
Subject: [CT Birds] atlas reminders
A few quick reminders about things that have come up with multiple people recently:
1. Please share eBird checklists with ctbirdatlas - simply entering data into eBird will not get the records into the atlas database (it is possible for us to download eBird data, but the basic download does not include breeding codes, and there is a much longer timelag in getting the data).
2. Only records with breeding codes will go into the atlas database.  It is not necessary to add breeding codes for every species on a checklist - but those that lack codes will not appear on the block species lists or contribute to block totals or atlas maps.  For the breeding portion of the atlas, there is no need to share a checklist if none of the species on it have breeding codes because we will not be able to use the data (the winter atlas is a different matter).
3. Be wary about using the FL (fledged young) breeding code.  This code should only be used in cases where young birds are recently out of the nest and likely to have hatched nearby (and within the block). It should not be used for any young bird.  E.g., flocks swallows, starlings, mourning doves, etc. are starting to congregate - usually containing young of the year ... but these birds could easily have come from miles away, maybe even a different state! There's a blog post from last year on this topic here:

4. If you are surveying border blocks, please limit your submissions to birds seen within the CT state boundary. Another blog post from last year covers this:
5. The PE (physiological evidence) breeding code is primarily for use by banders and others who have a bird in the hand. Only under very rare conditions can you see the features needed to use this code during regular birding.
Hope all this helps. If anyone has questions, please feel free to email me.


Chris Elphick @ssts 
Storrs, CT
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