Date: 7/11/19 7:00 am
From: Scott <pygmyowl...>
Subject: [cobirds] Boreal Owl
Hi all,

Just wanted to let you know that for the first time. The Boreal Owl has
been documented as a nesting species in Rocky Mountain National Park.

On April 9th during a owl prowl for Boulder Audubon,  We discovered a
vocalizing Boreal Owl. It even went into a cavity then quickly exited.

I went back the following day to relocate the nest tree, but was
unable.  Therefore, I returned that evening to refind the male
vocalizing.  A shrt time later a female arrived and began to vocalize too.

The male took his potential mate to the nest site. She late accepted it.

The female eventually began nesting in the cavity and ended up raising
two owlets.

I was able to monitor the nest for weeks, both day and night and
documented several prey items.

Both owlets fledged, I was there  when the first owlet fledged; they
have since moved away from the nest.

It was quite the experience!

The best part of the entire experience was that I assisted Ron Ryder in
the early 1990's with his study of Boreal Owls.  Both Ron Ryder and Dave
Palmer documented the first ever nesting Boreal Owls in Colorado in the
late 1970's and  I am continuing there research.

If you want to see any images of the owls, go to


Scott Rashid
Estes Park

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