Date: 7/11/19 4:28 am
From: Melvin Weber <mweber...>
Subject: [LABIRD-L] Cameron
Made it to Cameron with Tom Sylvest in this “off season” just for the fun of it. We had one target bird which was Wood Stork.

Weather was clear, warm but not bad. Bugs were surprisingly scarce. At Peveto I walked around about 30 minutes with short pants and no repellant and only had 1 mosquito and about 5 Deer flies.

Our day started at Lacasseign pool where the main attraction was young Gallinules. We did have 2 Coots and a couple of Caracaras.

All traveling routes had little to offer as far as surprises. We picked up 2 Swanson’s Hawks and 4 Red-tails before Pintail Loop. Pintail Loop had nothing exciting as expected. Oak Grove, Rutherford Road on the Cameron was the route. Added another Swainson’s Hawk and an Osprey and more Caracaras. Holly Beach had lots of Gulls and terns but the only plover being Killdeer. The only surprising bird was a beautiful dark red Long-billed Dowitcher. At the Sanctuary we started with a group of Orchard Orioles at the entrance, then nothing else. We went back to the Orioles and counted about 35. Two ad males and everything else i looked at was female. We did get a few Orchards at other places during the day including some imm males. On the way back east we went through some rice country still trying for our target bird. Along hwy 14 east of the Lacasseign Pool road we finally found a group of 20 Storks. Then later crossing I-10 near Rayne we had another 6 fly over.

There is a little worth reporting concerning migration in July. Besides the Storks and the Orioles group at the Sanctuary we also had Purple Martins in staging groups all day. Total estimate is around 10,000 with the biggest group around 3000. Also we found YC Night Herons to be common. A couple of groups of 10 or more but they were very common everywhere, so also probably migrating. We had 44 for the day. Total species was 75.
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