Date: 7/10/19 4:33 pm
From: Marcia Wade - Lafayette, Boulder County <marciaewade...>
Subject: [cobirds] Wood pewee and hybrid duck

Saw this little guy (pic 1) at Hecla Lake near dusk on July 9, and altho I
cannot see white bars on its wings, I believe it is a wood pewee. Also at
Hecla there is a duck (pic #2 below) that I believe may be a hybrid of
hooded merganser and wood duck or mallard. Anyone agree? At first I thought
it was a female common merganser, but they don't have bright yellow eyes.
There's a wood duck that appears to have mated with hood merganser – they
are always together - and I thought they were the parents. However, this
hybrid swims between a male mallard and a female who also appears to be a
hybrid (pic 3), so I have to assume they are the parents. There is another
strange looking bird at the pond that looked at first glance to be a wood
duck, but it's somewhat off (pic too bad to post). Two other birders looked
it up one night and decided was a juvenile wood duck. However, there have
been no wood ducklings observed out there this year, so I thought perhaps a
brood of hybrids could contain several different looking offspring in one
brood, and that these two birds may be from the same brood. Is that a

[image: pewee maybe.JPG] <about:invalid#zClosurez>

[image: yellow eyed merganser.JPG] <about:invalid#zClosurez>[image: hybrid
with mallards.JPG] <about:invalid#zClosurez>

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