Date: 7/9/19 4:43 pm
From: Teresa Hertzel <teresa.hertzel...>
Subject: [obol] July 9 eBird Oregon RBA
*** Species Summary:

Black Scoter (1 Lane)
Hooded Merganser (1 Klamath)
Sandhill Crane (1 Multnomah)
Pacific Golden-Plover (2 Deschutes)
Solitary Sandpiper (1 Morrow)
Red-headed Woodpecker (1 Douglas)
Northern Flicker (intergrade) (1 Benton)
Gray Flycatcher (1 Josephine)
Red-eyed Vireo (1 Union)
Canada Jay (Pacific) (2 Klamath)
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher (1 Lane)
Fox Sparrow (2 Lane)
Dark-eyed Junco (cismontanus) (1 Multnomah)
Bobolink (1 Crook)
Northern Waterthrush (1 Klamath)

NOTE: all sightings are UNCONFIRMED unless indicated

Black Scoter (Melanitta americana) (2) CONFIRMED
- Reported Jul 06, 2019 10:15 by Maureen Leong-Kee
- Siltcoos River Estuary, Lane, Oregon
- Map:,-124.1524601&ll=43.8756901,-124.1524601
- Checklist:
- Comments: "(rare): “unreported”: Possibly more seen by CKJ, — two for
sure. Males, large yellow knobs on short bills, all darkish. Nice spot by

Hooded Merganser (Lophodytes cucullatus) (1)
- Reported Jul 09, 2019 14:47 by Alex Lamoreaux
- Highway 62, Fort Klamath US-OR (42.7269,-122.0059), Klamath, Oregon
- Map:,-122.005857&ll=42.726856,-122.005857
- Checklist:
- Comments: "Juvenile in small farm pond, then flew to NW. Photos. "

Sandhill Crane (Antigone canadensis) (1)
- Reported Jul 08, 2019 06:45 by Ken Vanderkamp
- Sauvie Island--Oak Island (Multnomah Co.), Multnomah, Oregon
- Map:,-122.8207541&ll=45.7144802,-122.8207541
- Checklist:
- Comments: "Heard one. Unique calls."

Pacific Golden-Plover (Pluvialis fulva) (1)
- Reported Jul 07, 2019 18:15 by Charles Gates
- Wickiup Dam, Deschutes, Oregon
- Map:,-121.6906643&ll=43.6846635,-121.6906643
- Checklist:
- Media: 3 Photos

Pacific Golden-Plover (Pluvialis fulva) (1)
- Reported Jul 07, 2019 10:30 by Nancy Boever
- Wickiup Reservoir--Kiosk Ponds, Deschutes, Oregon
- Map:,-121.7088343&ll=43.700289,-121.7088343
- Checklist:
- Media: 3 Photos
- Comments: "It was by itself in the sandy section of the resevoir near the
base of the embankment wall. We observed the bird for about 30 - 45 minutes
as it walked along the sandy bank of the resevoir probably about 100+ yards
from the water. It was stationary for long periods of time and tolerant of
our presence on the retainment wall. The bird was first spotted by one of
our local expert birders and noted on our COBOL listserv within the East
Cascades Audobon Society birding community. There were two other local
birders with us at the time of the observation making it 4 observers at the
time that these photos were taken."

Solitary Sandpiper (Tringa solitaria) (1)
- Reported Jul 09, 2019 09:07 by Neal Hinds
- Umatilla NWR (Oregon), Morrow, Oregon
- Map:,-119.5731354&ll=45.9049415,-119.5731354
- Checklist:
- Comments: "Expected bird in migration."

Red-headed Woodpecker (Melanerpes erythrocephalus) (1)
- Reported Jul 06, 2019 08:10 by Maureen Leong-Kee
- stakeout Red-headed Woodpecker, Tahkenitch Lake (2019), Douglas, Oregon
- Map:,-124.1395857&ll=43.7704238,-124.1395857
- Checklist:
- Media: 2 Photos
- Comments: "(Rare): photos by Audrey and Maureen — cont. of stunning
hwy-driveby rarity found last night 8pm by Kayla McCurry, thank you!! wow,
impressive way to find a rarity, 3rd ever Oregon record, prob first
chasable bird . RHWO today moving among on Sitka spruces, east side of hwy.
First Refound this morning by Maureen Leong-kee. “Good to know Red-headed
woodpeckers like Sitka spruces: their number one habitat in Oregon.” (CC).
Some excellent views, and of bird in flight, though prob not vocalizing at
all (couple poss heard a call). Life Bird for Audrey and Caleb !"

Northern Flicker (intergrade) (Colaptes auratus luteus x cafer) (1)
- Reported Jul 08, 2019 19:04 by Jamie Simmons
- Yard, NW Terracegreen, Corvallis, Benton, Oregon
- Map:,-123.2682002&ll=44.590471,-123.2682002
- Checklist:
- Media: 1 Photo
- Comments: "Red nape is a brilliant red!"

Gray Flycatcher (Empidonax wrightii) (1) CONFIRMED
- Reported Jul 08, 2019 08:36 by Tanner Martin
- Mt. Elijah, Josephine, Oregon
- Map:,-123.37&ll=42.085,-123.37
- Checklist:
- Media: 1 Photo
- Comments: "An unexpected find. Hunting and calling in Bigelow Lakes
meadow. Downward tail flick and "chip" "chuwip" calls. Had several close
views during my walk in the meadow area. Photo to follow."

Red-eyed Vireo (Vireo olivaceus) (1)
- Reported Jul 09, 2019 11:00 by Michael Daugherty
- Red Bridge State Park, Union, Oregon
- Map:,-118.3317018&ll=45.2904001,-118.3317018
- Checklist:
- Comments: "Seen in willow bush on edge of walk-in camping area. Larger
than Warbling Vireo, green on back and wings, gray top with black border
and white eye stripe."

Canada Jay (Pacific) (Perisoreus canadensis [obscurus Group]) (2)
- Reported Jul 09, 2019 06:53 by Alex Lamoreaux
- Crater Lake NP- -CR25 survey site, Klamath, Oregon
- Map:,-122.155368&ll=43.005922,-122.155368
- Checklist:
- Comments: "Adult pair. Expected ssp by plumage and range."

Canada Jay (Pacific) (Perisoreus canadensis [obscurus Group]) (5)
- Reported Jul 09, 2019 09:57 by Alex Lamoreaux
- Crater Lake NP- -Red Cone/PCT Trailhead, Klamath, Oregon
- Map:,-122.136238&ll=42.995981,-122.136238
- Checklist:
- Comments: "Adult. Expected ssp by plumage and range. Photos. "

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher (Polioptila caerulea) (2) CONFIRMED
- Reported Jul 08, 2019 10:46 by William Tice
- Mt. Pisgah--SE access (Ridgeway Rd.), Lane, Oregon
- Map:,-122.9415286&ll=43.9914227,-122.9415286
- Checklist:
- Media: 2 Photos
- Comments: "Along trail 6 in the chaperel. Small gray bird with darker
tail with white outer feathers. Silent but flicked tail as it flitted
about the scrub. Pictures to follow. After reviewing the pics, we
determine there are 2 birds: and adult male and an immature bird. The
adult has a full eye ring, and is more well kempt, the imm has an
incomplete eye ring and a disheveled appearance. Apparently breeds here
per former reports"

Fox Sparrow (Passerella iliaca) (1)
- Reported Jul 08, 2019 06:00 by Gregg Klowden
- Mom’s house, Lane, Oregon
- Map:,-124.1047895&ll=44.0008633,-124.1047895
- Checklist:
- Comments: "Photo pending. Dark, super stripy"

Fox Sparrow (Passerella iliaca) (1)
- Reported Jul 08, 2019 06:00 by Cathy Olson
- Mom’s house, Lane, Oregon
- Map:,-124.1047895&ll=44.0008633,-124.1047895
- Checklist:
- Comments: "Photo pending. Dark, super stripy"

Dark-eyed Junco (cismontanus) (Junco hyemalis cismontanus) (1)
- Reported Jul 05, 2019 15:37 by Sophia Berman
- Portland, Oregon, US (45.479, -122.618), Multnomah, Oregon
- Map:,-122.6176713&ll=45.4792194,-122.6176713
- Checklist:
- Comments: "Adult male Cismontanus"

Bobolink (Dolichonyx oryzivorus) (2)
- Reported Jul 04, 2019 13:00 by Bob Archer
- Puett Rd., Crook, Oregon
- Map:,-119.8319685&ll=44.1652651,-119.8319685
- Checklist:
- Comments: "flying next to road, habitat looked good for them"

Northern Waterthrush (Parkesia noveboracensis) (1)
- Reported Jul 05, 2019 08:53 by Sarah Swanson
- Gilchrist Crossing, Klamath, Oregon
- Map:,-121.6859001&ll=43.4904566,-121.6859001
- Checklist:
- Comments: "We head the distinctive song of a male, which sounded richer
than the adjacent Yellow Warbler songs. The singer did not emerge from the
dense Geyer willow cover along the stream."


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