Date: 7/8/19 7:26 pm
From: Nagi Aboulenein <nagi.aboulenein...>
Subject: [obol] Mystery Peep
Hi All -

The other day, while at Ft. Steven’s Trestle Bay, we saw a solitary mystery peep make a very fast and distant fly-by. I managed to fire off a few shots, but with poor lighting and extreme distance, their quality unfortunately leaves a lot to be desired.

The bird seemed to be the size of or slightly larger than a Western Sandpiper, but lacked WESA’s rufous color tones. The bill also didn’t seem to quite fit WESA. Also, the underwing colors seemed too dark for WESA.

We’ve considered (and ruled out) Semi-palmated Sandpiper and Sanderling. Any suggestions or thoughts would be appreciated.


Nagi & Taghrid

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