Date: 7/8/19 6:30 pm
From: larspernorgren <larspernorgren...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Newport birds
My sentiments exactly--2 weeks early on the juvenile Calgulls. For the larophobics on the list, this is a good time to develope an appreciation for juvenile gull plumage. Western Gulls are the breeding species on the Oregon Coast and they are largely preoccupied with breeding still.     So Californias rule the beach. I disdained juvenile and sub adult gulls completely my first three decades of birding. But they have the potential to be more distinctive than adult breeding plumaged gulls. The patterns on these juvenile Californias is not only crisp but complex, reminiscent of lace. It's much easier for me to imagine a common ancestry with sandpipers when l stare at juvenile gulls.Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone
-------- Original message --------From: Alan Contreras <acontrer56...> Date: 7/8/19 6:07 PM (GMT-08:00) To: <larspernorgren...> Cc: Obol <obol...> Subject: Re: [obol] Newport birds Florence has a bunch of the scruffo 2Y California Gulls too.  Seems like way more than usual; some of them have been here through June.We were surprised to see at least five nice crisp young Californias at Flor on Saturday.  Seems a couple of weeks early for those.
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On Jul 8, 2019, at 5:56 PM, larspernorgren <larspernorgren...> wrote:To judge from eBird there was an abundance of wingless dippers at Ona Beach yesterday(Sun7/7). Only duck at South Jetty was an adult male Surf Scoter. 4 Western Grebes there this PM, and a juvenile Brown Pelican which flew in from the ocean turned around and left before making it to the bridge. I saw none yesterday.      All 29 gulls at the very dry gull puddle about 4pm today were Californias. Two adults and all the rest super ratty 2nd calendar year birds. Many have a pretty pink bill with a crisp black tip. Their ancient, bleached primaries are often all but white. They are way too small to be Glaucous gulls.      70 odd gulls on a falling tide at the shelter on the nature trail at HMSC last night included 2 adult Westerns, one adult Ring-billed, five to ten adult Californias, also more than a handful but less than two handfuls of juvenile Californias---real hatchyear birds. The rest were the ratty two year olds. One Whimbrel and two Greater Yelllowlegs at the Ferry Slip. Four Least Sandpipers visited the gull flock at Hatfield last night.     Very low tide this morning and very high right now(5:55pm). 13 peeps tried to land repeatedly at the shelter. Silent, l'm pretty sure they were Leasts, flummoxed by the belly deep flood.Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone
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