Date: 7/8/19 4:23 pm
From: Lisa Larson <lisafaylarson...>
Subject: [MBBIRDS] AJC Happenings
Hello Birders!

It has been an exciting week at Anna Jean Cummings Park (AJC) in Soquel.
Having the nest boxes there was rewarded with nesting ASH-THROATED
FLYCATCHERS! I learned about this while I was away on a trip, and I
couldn't wait to go see when I returned!

The Ashys fledged yesterday, but I am not sure how many chicks there were.
One reluctant chick remained in the box until the light got bad and it got
warm - so I gave up! I could hear it in the box. John Ellis, who built the
boxes, said parents were feeding it earlier in the morning, but they had
ceased feeding it when I was there. Hunger is a great motivator! (That's
actually why I left - the baby starved me out!)

The day before (Saturday) SCRUB JAY babies fledged. And on Friday, I think
I had a fledgling/immature LAZULI BUNTING! Please see this photo and let me
know if I got it right!
I do not know who has this atlas block, but I would be *very* interested to
know if this has been seen at AJC before!

On Wednesday, I had 2 fledging RED-TAILED HAWKS. There was a ruckus to the
north in the tall trees outside the park and the 2 fledglings burst out.

On Wednesday I checked out the baby BARN SWALLOWS nesting in the women's
bathroom! Those bathrooms get locked up at dusk and opened about 8 am. The
parents must have been very anxious! I imagine they have fledged by now -
the park was ridiculously busy with kids' ball games all weekend!

Just F.Y.I. I will be leading bird walks for Santa Cruz Co. Parks/Open
Space at AJC. The first one is tomorrow at 8 am. The schedule is here:

Happy birding!
- Lisa

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