Date: 7/8/19 9:49 am
From: Carl Runge <0000009209546543-dmarc-request...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] Bobolink Resurrection
Apparently our account last week on Bobolink nest failure due to a weather event at Catamount was way too premature!  Yesterday, Bill and Renata Banke were biking there and put up a flock of 8-10 Bobolinks.  This morning Bill, Bruce, Terry and I went out and were happily surprised by a plethora of birds.  There were too many flying around and dropping down to count accurately, but we estimated there were at least 30. We saw at least two (family?) groups of 10-12 birds, flying close together, that included adult males and females, and fledglings.   There was a lot of chipping and a few truncated songs, quite different sounds from earlier in the spring. 

There was one confounding variable.  On Friday or Saturday the adjacent landowner hayed her contiguous field for the first time this year.  We had noticed very little Bobolink activity on that field earlier.  Could it be that some of the birds we observed today had bred in that field and moved over to the high grasses at Catamount with their fledglings to avoid the mower?  Seems plausible.


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