Date: 7/6/19 6:27 pm
From: Nagi Aboulenein <nagi.aboulenein...>
Subject: [obol] Tufted Puffins and Friends
Hi All -

Taghrid and I had a nice day trip to the coast on the Fourth, with the main target being Puffins at Haystack Rock and they didn’t disappoint. Plenty of Tufted Puffins and Common Murres were present. Some excitement ensued briefly with the appearance of a Peregrine Falcon which was rather clumsily trying for Murres and Gulls. Weather conditions were OK - no winds, but rather poor lighting - I don’t think the sun managed to break through even once while we were there, making for tough photography conditions.

Second half of the day we spent looking for Peeps on Sunset Beach, where numbers were very scarce still. Good numbers of Caspian Terns, and further out to sea plenty of Brown Pelicans (all immature), many Gulls (Western and California), Loons which in the distance  looked like a mix of Pacific (leaner, slightly upturned bill) and Common. Excitement there was provided by a couple of Long-tailed Jaegers trying to steal the catch from Caspian Terns - we saw that happening twice, once successfully and once not.

Moving on to Trestle Bay in Ft. Stevens SP, we encountered a nice group of Caspian Terns taking a break on the beach, with individual birds occasionally making fishing sorties - those that were successfull would almost invariably then do a fly-over of the group on the beach, with their catch in their bills, and squawking loudly in triumph, only then would they swallow the catch - fun to observe. There were also a couple of Whimbrels, a number of immature California Gulls and a fairly large mixed flock of about 250 Sandpipers, around 90% Western and maybe 10% Least.

A link to a photo album on Flickr:

In a separate message I’ll post some photos of a maybe-mystery peep taken at Trestle Bay for some ID help - stay tuned.

Good birding,

Nagi & Taghrid

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