Date: 7/6/19 2:04 pm
From: Roy Gerig <roygerig...>
Subject: [obol] 7/6/19 Polk Red-eyed Vireo, Riverbend Rd in W Salem
It is that mobility is extremely limited until spinal cord damage can
repair, it was corrected one month ago by spinal cord surgery. Repair will
take much longer. I can drive by placing one foot on the brake, the other
on the accelerator. Birding is limited to places where I can drive and
where I can stand outside the car if there is something to hold onto or
better, lean against.

For that reason, I am starting to explore doing point counts in Oregon2020
squares as well as other point counts and I think the protocol is simple
enough, 5-10 minute well described point counts within the section in each
township so designated. Any more guidance than that would be appreciated

This morning I did two counts in the OR2020 square known as Cinnamon Teal,
in Salem/Keizer. At the second one, along Riverbend Rd in West Salem, just
north of the entrance to Riverbend Sand and Gravel, a RED-EYED VIREO was
singing, and on the other side in a mature filbert orchard there was a
CHIPPING SPARROW singing. That was an auspicious beginning to this new

Roy Gerig Salem OR

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