Date: 7/6/19 12:01 pm
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Subject: [obol] (COBOL] Pacific Golden Plover, Day 2 Wickiup
Peter Low found a Pacific Golden Plover yesterday at Wickiup Reservoir,
southern Deschutes county. It is being seen again today, see below if
you want details. Peter also found many spots with shorebirds and I will
forward the post he sent to COBOL. Good birding, Judy

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Subject: [COBOL] Pacific Golden Plover, Day 2 Wickiup
Date: 07-06-2019 11:53
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Howard Horvath and Mary Oppenheimer just phoned that the bird is present

in approx same location. Same bird that Peter Low first reported, a
breeding plumaged adult.

If you aren't familiar with landmarks at Wickiup, Here goes. Take the
road to the dam. At the dam, there is a pull off for a parking area we
call "kiosk" parking or Kiosk ponds. But if you continue on to the left,

you come up to a road going up onto the dam. There is a structure there
and a gate that vehicles cannot go through. Best strategy is to park up
there on the dam and walk through 2 gates. Near where the water ends
there, below the rocks of the dam, the bird was being seen. This is
where you also see a tripod structure that sometimes is used by Bald
Eagles. Alternatively, you could park at Kiosk area, and walk the other
direction, toward the structure on top of the dam, until you get to
where there is water below. Howard says it is better to park up on the
dam and walk toward Kiosk area.

Good birding to all Plover seekers,
Judy Meredith, <jmeredit...>

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