Date: 7/5/19 7:41 pm
From: Jeff Gibson <gibsondesign15...>
Subject: [Tweeters] As Fish Fly By....
Looking out at the sad grey sky today, I remembered this old classic tune:

" You must remember this,
a fish is still a fish,
a case of do or die.
The fundamental things apply,
as fish fly by..."

Well, I think that's how it goes: My memory is sort of feebing out these
days. Anyhoo, I thought about that tune as I watched one of the next door
neighbor Bald Eagle adults carrying yet another fish up its Big Babies: one
of those animal fundamentals - gotta eat. The other day food was a big
Sculpin. Today some sort eel-like fish - a big Penpoint Gunnel, or maybe a
Snake Prickleback would fit the menu item I watched go by. Recently, down
at the Marine Science Center, I was pointing out to a visitor that a Starry
Flounder, with its striking striped fins, can easily be identified as it
flies overhead: in the talons of an Osprey, of course; something I've seen
in Everett many times - lots of Starry Flounders and Ospreys in Everett.

Oh, by the way, I did confirm there are at least two big babies - saw both
at once as they moved up to get their meal

Jeff Gibson
avoiding flight, in
Port Townsend Wa

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