Date: 7/4/19 9:13 am
From: Paul Sullivan <paultsullivan...>
Subject: [obol] backyard parasitism in McMinnville
I have two suet feeders that are a cage-within-a-cage design. The inner cage holds the suet. The outer cage allows small birds to enter, but keeps out larger birds, like Starlings.

This means that chickadees, bushtits, nuthatches, wrens, house sparrows, downy woodpeckers can enter and feed. Scrub jays and flickers can also reach the suet with their long necks and bills. Recently the birds have been going through a cake of suet per day, feeding young.

Today I observed a flicker chowing down voraciously. She was sloppy and bits were falling to the ground. A Steller’s Jay was down below to pick up every dropped morsel.

Paul Sullivan


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