Date: 7/3/19 3:26 pm
From: Larry McQueen <larmcqueen...>
Subject: [obol] Wed morning, Eugene
We found the following species along the river trail at Mt. Pisqah. Birds are nesting and found in family groups. We Kit relocated a Rufous Hummingbird nest about 25 ft up an oak and we watched the female pumping food into one of the nestlings. A Lazuli Bunting nest was found in a low oak branch with the female bunting in it (seen by LM on his early return).
36 species

Mourning Dove 3
Rufous Hummingbird 1 fem feeding young at nest
Spotted Sandpiper 1
Turkey Vulture 5
Osprey 1
Red-breasted Sapsucker 1
Downy Woodpecker 2
Hairy Woodpecker 1
Northern Flicker 4
Pileated Woodpecker 1
Western Wood-Pewee common
Hutton’s Vireo 1
Warbling Vireo 1
Steller’s Jay 2
California Scrub-Jay 1
American Crow few
Tree Swallow nesting at Buford Park
Violet-green Swallow dominant
Barn Swallow 2
Black-capped Chickadee several families
White-breasted Nuthatch 3
Brown Creeper heard often, saw 5 +
American Robin breeding
European Starling few
Cedar Waxwing a number 'insecting' on the river bank,
House Finch several
Lesser Goldfinch 1 across from coffee shop
American Goldfinch many heard, few seen
Spotted Towhee usual spacing in habitat
Song Sparrow “ "
Bullock’s Oriole 2
Brown-headed Cowbird 3
Orange-crowned Warbler 1
Common Yellowthroat 2
Western Tanager 4
Lazuli Bunting 1 female attending nest in a low oak branch

Dennis Arendt, Randy Sinnott, Judy Franzen, Scott McNeeley, Mark and Cindy Armstrong, Jim Regali, Tom Cable, Sylvia Maulding, Pamela Carpenter, Kit Larsen, Steve Dignam, Sue Hutchinson, Nancy Clogston, Rachael Frieze, and Larry McQueen

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