Date: 7/2/19 10:11 am
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Subject: [obol] Re: Hatch-year Red-Shoulder Hawk - Delta Ponds Eugene..
Below is a link to a pretty decent 4-shot photo series of a
red-shouldered hawk taking flight a few months ago in South Beach. I
was told that the photos show an "immature" bird, but reading your
description below and looking at the photos again, I wonder if I was
misinformed? (Or possibly just misunderstood.) Regardless, the last
shot in particular showing the bird with every feather on display
struck me as an absolute reflection of nature's perfection, reminding
me why I do what I do:  "Beauty is truth, truth beauty ..."

Howard Shippey
South Beach

Quoting larspernorgren <larspernorgren...>:

> This is as lovely a raptor as I have ever seen, and very much an
> adult. Note the bright yellow cere(fleshy tissue surrounding the
> nostrils at base of bill). Immature Raptors, including the unrelated
> falcons, have a gray or blue gray cere. Mature birds have a yellow
> cere. This is a very pale headed individual. I suppose leucistic. I
> see some of the barring on the breast, but it is pale to the point
> of ghostly. Lars
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> Subject: [obol] Hatch-year Red-Shoulder Hawk - Delta Ponds Eugene
> I have been hearing about Red-shouldered Hawks at Delta
> ponds for maybe a year, along with some speculation about there
> being a nest, either here or across the river perhaps in the Razor
> Park area. I don't know if nesting has been confirmed or not, but
> Sunday July 1, at Delta Ponds along the river bike path, I took the
> following photo of what looks to me like a young Red-shouldered
> Hawk. Notes: "scruffy crown feathers"; lack of rufous color on head
> or shoulders; tail seems short - ie not fully grown in. 
> Priscilla Sokolowski

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