Date: 7/1/19 5:34 pm
From: Tammy Eustis via CTBirds <ctbirds...>
Subject: [CT Birds] Chester, 7/1: LA waterthrush bopping around on our deck
Chester, 7/1 - Around 8:20pm (dusk), a juvenile Louisiana waterthrush
decided to land our deck. It's a second-floor, elevated deck with
railings; and while we're about a mile from a brook that I know
waterthrush nest near, we've never seen one come so close to the house.
It first landed on the clothesline that runs by the deck (a favorite
perch for hummingbirds and where we hang the oriole oranges) - I thought
it was an ovenbird or wood thrush from the belly markings. But I noticed
that it bobbed its tail more than most birds that size when they try to
stay balanced on the line. Then it hopped onto the deck railing and did
the full-on tail-bob strut of a waterthrush! It looked a little
puffy/scruffy, with a couple of loose downy feathers on its back,
although it was well able to fly and had very clear plumage markings
(like the eye-striped). After about a minute, it flew down to our lawn,
where I lost track of it.
Don't know if it was attracted by the sound of the waterfall in our
pond, or just happened to stumble on some good eats. But we're happy to
have it visit!
Tammy Eustis, Chester

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