Date: 7/1/19 1:04 pm
From: Janet and Phil Lamberson <pjlamberson...>
Subject: [obol] Magpies in Alaska
Someone mentioned recently that magpies in Alaska behave differently than
that species in Oregon. I am currently visiting Alaska and a nesting pair
in the yard of the house where we are staying have just fledged four
raucous young 'uns. The habitat is spruce/alder on a lakeshore (Bear
Lake) six miles north of the coast at Seward. It's like having magpies
nesting on Olalla Lake, 6 miles inland from Newport.

Meanwhile, a pair of loons have a week-old couple of loonlets and we enjoy
hearing the beautifully plumaged parents doing their haunting loon call
when the eagles fly over. We'll be here a couple of weeks so we can watch
them grow.
- Janet

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