Date: 6/30/19 11:55 am
From: Lauren Brown via CTBirds <ctbirds...>
Subject: [CT Birds] Carolina Wrens
We once had a Carolina Wren nesting in our garage – in a bucket of sawdust!  Until finding the nest, I couldn’t figure out why Carolina Wrens were flying out of the garage every time I opened the door. Then I had to figure out how they were getting IN the garage,  which turned out to be just the tiniest little crack at the top of the door.

My father once put some wet hiking boots on the back steps to dry and then went away for two weeks. When he came back, there was a Carolina Wren nest in one of the boots.  Another year in a dried up wreath on the back door.  There are probably countless stories like these.  

Lauren Brown,  Branford

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