Date: 6/28/19 9:02 am
From: Walter \Ski\ Szymanski <walt.szymanski...>
Subject: [cobirds] Re: Baltimore & Bullock’s Oriole pair at Metzger Farm, Adams County
Very early this morning (6/28) I observed male BAOR flying to nest and at
the exact same time, and from the nest area, saw what I think was the
female BUOR. The BAOR flew to the nest from south to north, and the BUOR
flew away from the nest from north to south. It happened pretty damn
quickly and I'm not 100% confident of my id of the female. But given that
the bird I think was the female BUOR flew from the nest area at the exact
same moment as the male BAOR flew in, I'm thinking it was her. Did get a
fair shot of the male, though, when he stuck his head into the nest
(presumably to feed chicks, although no chicks are visible yet).

[image: BAOR male - 20190628 - W Szymanski.jpg]

On Thursday, June 27, 2019 at 6:54:18 PM UTC-6, G B wrote:
> Male Baltimore oriole first photographed June 6.
> Female Bullock's oriole first photographed June 9. Male and female spent
> time flying together in the morning.
> First photo of female in nest June 10.
> As of June 26 the male spends a lot of time going to and from the nest.
> The female has been seen outside of the nest but not as frequently as 10
> days ago
> On Monday, June 17, 2019 at 9:56:47 AM UTC-6, Lauren Burke wrote:
>> Good Morning!
>> I haven’t seen this posted and didn’t see it on the rare bird alert list
>> so am posting now.
>> Not found by me, but there is a male Baltimore Oriole nesting with a
>> female Bullock’s Oriole at Metzger Farm. I was invited out to see it this
>> morning-and it was awesome! Both birds were visible quite a bit. It looked
>> to me like they may already be feeding chicks. Couldn’t hear them yet, but
>> I’m sure you’ll be able to as they grow.
>> The Baltimore was found by Gary Bowen. I’m not sure when it was first
>> seen.
>> The nest is just off the trail near the Farm house, on the south side.
>> The birds vocalize fairly regularly so should be easy to find. We tried not
>> to get too close-Gary felt that the birds got a bit skittish if folks got
>> too near the nest.
>> Not rare for them to hybridize I suppose-but rare for right here!
>> Lauren
>> Lauren Burke
>> It's a bird thing, it just is!
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