Date: 6/26/19 5:07 pm
From: <clearwater...>
Subject: [obol] Luckiamute SNA: No cuckoos but a consolation Red-eyed Vireo
Thanks to the folks who have sent in comments to support maintaining Endangered Species Act protections for Wester Yellow-billed Cuckoos.

Noticing the thunderstorm clouds starting to gather, I thought it might be opportune to head over to Luckiamute State Natural Area and listen for cuckoos along the trail that leads out to Luckiamute Landing, in a few spots where there is nice multi-level habitat structure.

I didn't detect any cuckoos but I did hear a RED-EYED VIREO singing persistently from a tall cottonwood 100 m off the south side of the trail, about 150 m into the gallery forest part of the trail.

Near that spot, a nestful of young woodpeckers (probably HAIRY WOODPECKERS) were begging from the top of a cottonwood snag, right over the trail. I also heard a MacGILLIVRAY'S WARBLER calling from the native shrub plantings just outside the gallery forest.

Also very cool to see cottonwoods rustling in the breeze, against a darkening sky. I got back to the trailhead just as the thunderstorm began to move in. Just hope that lightning doesn't knock out a transformer before I get my full comments in.

Joel Geier
Camp Adair area north of Corvallis

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