Date: 6/25/19 5:23 pm
From: dawn v <d_villa...>
Subject: [obol] Request for help from non-OBOL member - bird seen Clatsop county
Hi, I received a phone call this afternoon and asked the caller to send
me an email with as complete a description as he could do. He writes:Last
Sunday, 6/23 [at about 9:00am], I was leaving Astoria heading East on
highway 30 along the Columbia River. About two or three miles outside
Astoria, in a undeveloped area, a bird I have never seen before flew
across the road in front of me. I was going slow with no traffic so I
was able to get a good look at the bird. The bird appeared to be pure
white, with a dark bill and undulated as if flew. The bird was about
the size of a house sparrow, maybe six to seven inches in length. I
lost sight of the bird when it flew into the trees. Again, the body,
wings and tail feathers of the bird appeared to be pure white; very
stunning. There might have been color on its head. At first I thought
it could be a Snow Bunting, but I am doubtful because I did not see
any black; or maybe a McKay’s Bunting, but I know their habitat is way
north. Thank you for any assistance you can provide in helping me
identify this bird. No matter what, it was a thrill just seeing it.
Please let me know if you have any thoughts and I will pass them on to
him. If you'd like to contact him, please email me off-list and I'll
give you his contact information. dawn v
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