Date: 6/24/19 11:35 am
From: sandy leaptrott <sandyleapt...>
Subject: [obol] Hummingbirds
Hi all,

the hummingbirds in my garden are ignoring the feeder in favor of perennial flowers I grow.

Has anyone in the Portland area been seeing Calliope Hummingbirds? I haven't seen one in my garden for close to 10 years. Recently (yesterday) I have seen, three times now, a tiny, pastel rufous-colored hummingbird slipping among the flowers, its favorite plant being a Centrantus ruber that is in full bloom. Its so much smaller than the Rufous and Anna's hummingbirds it stands out. I suspect it is an immature male Calliope. Perhaps I can get a photo, its been around a week or more, I should have written the first and second sighting on the calendar, its just I didn't expect to see it again.

Other birds: I now have a flock of bushtits in the garden after just having two for so long. I am making the assumption this is a pair of adults with fledglings.

Combine bushtits, black-capped chickadees and hummingbirds and the back garden is a pretty lively place.


Sandy Leaptrott

NE Portland

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