Date: 6/24/19 6:55 am
From: Lars Norgren <larspernorgren...>
Subject: [obol] Mountain Quail
The first three comprehensive studies of the species, presumably funded by
state fish and game agencies, were not published, and all the data from two
of the studies is lost. Paul's revelation of simultaneous double-clutching
is fascinating. I believe this was best documented in Idaho, where the
species is in serious trouble. I suspect the life histories vary
significantly depending on geography. The species nests from sea level to
3,000m and in areas of 150mm to 3,000mm precipitation.
A sad commentary on ODF&W that a fortune was spent in my lifetime
trying to introduce exotic game birds to the Oregon Coast Range, but no
serious research ever focused on the species fully adapted to this
environment. A Mountain Quail was in my yard yesterday morning. Funny what
a high percentage of detections l make here on Sundays(l have worked most
Saturdays the past 27 years, and start earlier than weekdays). I generally
don't detect any in the month of June. Incubation is 24-25 days, nearly 10
percent longer than the much bigger domestic chicken. I have seen downy
young twice, both times July 1/2.
Heavy spring rain improves breeding success in southern California,
has the opposite effect in northern Oregon. Seven western Washington
Counties are now officially in a state of drought, but western Oregon is
about normal. One recent warm dry spring resulted in me seeing dozens of
Mountain Quail every visit to Marys Peak in July and August that year.lpn

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