Date: 6/23/19 8:12 pm
From: Paul Sullivan <paultsullivan...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Mountain Quail have hatched

You perhaps know that Mountain Quail have a special reproductive strategy. The female lays two clutches of eggs in two nests. It takes a month. Then she incubates one clutch and her mate incubates the other.

This is their insurance policy if something happens to one nest. They do this instead of doing one nest and if something happens to it, renesting.

So maybe your female got her clutch hatched first and the male is still incubating?

Paul Sullivan

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Subject: [YamhillBirders] Mountain Quail have hatched

Today I got home about 1PM and was greeted at the door by my husband, who said I had to see the Quail. From the kitchen window we saw one, presumably female, quail and 8 or 9 tiny chicks.

She made herself broad and low to the ground and all the chicks found a place under her wings and body. Her shape was like a curling stone with a broad tail added on. Her crest feather was down flat. These birds disappear without going away.

My husband sees Quail from his shop behind the house, more often than I do, and I agree with his conclusion that the male is missing. Normally a foray into the open areas at this end of the yard would include a male to stand watch. I think that may be why the female spent an hour or so sheltering the chicks on their way to forage under the cover of low shrubs.

Pamela Johnston, outside McMinnville


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