Date: 6/23/19 1:45 pm
From: <t4c1x...>
Subject: [obol] more on hummers

While on a walk on the farm earlier this year, I observed something I had never seen before. In a half-acre patch of salmonberry in peak bloom, I saw or heard fifty or sixty (estimated) Rufous Hummingbirds. There were about ten displaying males, and eight to ten hummers within twenty feet of me throughout the area. There may have been even more than I estimated, as there was another acre of the same kind of habitat above me on a ridge. I went back the next day for another look, but the birds were gone. I suspect the occurrence is a one day event, which happens each spring at a specific time. Shame on me for not writing down the date of the event, but at least I have some idea of when to be on the watch for it, as it occurred at the time the salmonberry was in its fullest bloom.


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