Date: 6/21/19 6:40 pm
From: Nadine Drisseq <drisseq.n...>
Subject: [Tweeters] Pls help confirm ID, Poss. Leucistic Spotted Towhee?
A lady in a Bellevue wildlife group gave me permission to share her photo
here of this likely leucistic bird.

Can folks pls help confirm it's a Towhee? Here are two photos she shared:

I asked but she couldn't confirm red eyes from the sightings or photos. She
is not a birder however. Hence I am looking for help on confirm on species.
Anyone else like to help confirm. GISS looks right to me.

The lady says "I’ve seen it at the same backyard for over a year on and
off. More recently 3-5 a week."

Issaquah-Renton area

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