Date: 6/21/19 6:24 am
From: Chris Elphick via CTBirds <ctbirds...>
Subject: [CT Birds] cuckoos (again)
One other thing.  Will, based on your description, I would report the cuckoo you saw to the atlas using the breeding code H for a bird in suitable breeding habitat.
And more generally, everyone should be aware that cuckoos frequently fly around with food that they will then consume themselves. So, the CF (carrying food for young) breeding code should not be used for cuckoos.  More on this issue on a blog post from last year:
Other birds that you should not use CF for are crows, ravens, jays, hawks, falcons, osprey, terns, kingfisher, etc.  Again, the reason is that these birds commonly carry food some distance for reasons that have nothing to do with breeding.  The CF code is specifically for cases when a bird is carrying food to its young. If you accidentally use the code for one of these species, though do not worry - but be aware that we will change it in the atlas database and the species will remain unconfirmed in the block.


Chris Elphick @ssts
Storrs, CT
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