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Agreed, David. At one time Grasshopper Sparrow was considered semi-rare almost anywhere in Oregon, and known for certain from only a few spots. As time has gone one, they have been found with increasing regularity in a number of places, and in higher numbers than was once suspected. The couple who live on the ranch at Olex in Gilliam County told me there are hundreds of them in that county. They are now known from several different sites in the Willamette Valley. Perhaps they are also to be looked for in appropriate habitat on the coast. So, yes, a few photos of the habitat in Coos would be helpful.

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I am curious about the habitat Tim. Any chance you could snap a few landscape photos next time you run by the GRSP spot? Great find! I will be listening for them up in Clatsop.


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Same location as yesterday along Powers Hwy about 3 miles before Powers- I had great looks at it this AM to confirm ID. My second new county bird this spring!

Catbird still singing at Millicoma Marsh before sunrise this AM.

Happy birding all!
Tim R
Coos Bay

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