Date: 6/20/19 6:41 pm
From: Nature's Coast Oregon <info...>
Subject: [obol] Oystercatchers & Orcas
A few days ago I was filming a Black Oystercatcher nest on the coast,
which would have been perfectly on-topic here ... when suddenly
appeared a pod of Orcas just offshore, pulling my camera decidedly
off-topic. But since it does start out with the sound of
Oystercatchers in the foreground, and I know members here whose
interest in nature encompasses many things in addition to birds, I
thought I would take a chance and offer a link to the video below, in
case other birders might also enjoy seeing a pod of Orcas (having a
rather graphic encounter with a Harbor Seal, full disclosure) just a
stone's throw from the bird nest.

If I'm fortunate enough to "be there" for the hatch, I'll hope to have
some beautiful new Black Oystercatcher footage to share here soon ...
but seeing the Orcas served well to remind me that, sometimes, the
"other things" I see on my way to watch birds are equally inspiring.
So here's the link (scroll down slightly on the page to the Orca
image), and I hope others are as amazed to see this incredible natural
display as I was. Next time, birds — I promise.

Howard Shippey
South Beach

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