Date: 6/17/19 5:04 pm
From: Thomas Meinzen <thomasmeinzen...>
Subject: [obol] House Wrens nesting in (sub)urban Eugene
Hey OBOLites,

A pair of HOUSE WRENS has fledged young in a nestbox in my parents' yard in
Eugene this year. To my knowledge, we've never had a single House Wren in
my 20 years of growing up at this house in Eugene, nor for as long as my
parents can remember, nor have I ever seen any in the neighborhood. I don't
think I've ever encountered this species nesting within the city of Eugene,
either, although they are certainly present in the foothills and on the
outskirts of town. Interesting that they showed up and nested this year.

Thomas Meinzen
(doing bird surveys around Wyoming)

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