Date: 6/12/19 11:38 pm
From: Dave Leibert <xdave...>
Subject: Bethlehem Peregrines, Northampton county
Howdy All,

This evening I rolled by the Bethlehem peregrine's nesting spot to check
on the progress of the young birds we have seen lately.

I'm happy to report it looks like the 2 of them have successfully
fledged and were making short flights from their building.

This was in the twilight so it was little difficult to see the juv
plumage on both of the birds. One bird flew off of their beam, circled
out and back and then landed up on the roof. It looked like 2 were on
the roof. They were doing some flapping and walking along with the wing
droop thing a few times. The adult male was perched close to there and
was looking pretty calm and relaxed.

One peregrine did a high speed run upstream about 200 yards and then
returned to the building. I couldn't tell the age of this bird but it
was great to watch.

This is always a great time to get to see the young peregrines practice
their flying skills. Stop by to get a look if you can.

Happy Birding,
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