Date: 6/12/19 11:16 am
From: Lars Norgren <larspernorgren...>
Subject: [obol] Hammond's and Willow Flycatchers on Larch Mtn(Mult.Co)
About milepost 3 on Larch Mtn Road are a series of clearcuts that are quite
reliable for Willow Flycatcher. I believe Bowman Rd goes off to the north
at their western edge. A very large pullout at the eastern edge with two
mailboxes, one bearing the paryial address"420". There were two or three
WIFLs singing south of the road in the clearcut with unburned YUMs, one
WIFL north of the road in 15-20' tall Dfir reprod. A Lazuli Bunting there
as a bonus.
In the picnic ground at the Larch Mtn summit a Hammond's Flycatcher
has been quite vocal. None were making noise when l was here two weeks
ago. I saw a silent Empid in the same area that visit. On my summer visits
to Marys Peak l have found HAFL to typically be taciturn, but very vocal on
occasional mornings. Two or three Pine Siskins deyectable over the past
hour. Beargrass starting to flower, Hermit Thrushes singing. A variety of
other native lillies (beargrass is a lilly)in bloom. Lots of Hermit
Thrushes singing. They are so much a part of my expectation of such a site
that l didn't notice them at first. Lars

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