Date: 6/12/19 9:31 am
From: Derek Hill <derekthehill...>
Subject: [cobirds] Re: Larimer County-probably no point at all...
Hi Josh,

I am curious of the nighthawks as well. I had not seen or heard a single
one this year until about two days ago. Now they are buzzing around my
neighborhood in Milliken the last couple evenings, vocal and all. I simply
hope it is that they have fledged young and are out and about. But bugs are
disappearing around the world, maybe the nighthawks are heading south. Who

Derek Hill

On Tuesday, June 11, 2019 at 9:27:24 PM UTC-6, Josh Bruening wrote:
> Why is it that any nighthawk flying in a southerly direction on June 11th
> worries me? Might have to do with hoping I didn’t miss summer. The leaves
> just set in. The tomatoes are just starting to look well. We’ve avoided
> hail thus far. They’ll sit in a tree screeching right in front of me mere
> feet away but I can’t see them. Yet suddenly, as invisible as they were a
> moment prior, they are unmistakably present magically before me. What is it
> with these birds? They’re not here. Then they’re right there. Seriously,
> right there. They mess with you. They don’t mean to. They’re just doing
> them. Their calls can comfort you if you believe them and let them.
> Summer is here. Why point south? Bugs will make them turn that way, I
> suppose. I hope. Maybe this was a longer winter than I thought. Maybe
> Spring will last ‘til July. But they made it. Later than usual. But
> they’re here. How their calls comfort me in my little backyard in mid-town
> Fort Collins.
> Josh Bruening
> Fort Collins

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