Date: 6/12/19 7:41 am
From: Barry Haas <bhaas...>
Subject: NPR: How A Bird Became Flightless Through Evolution — Twice
Dear ARBIRDers,

Here's a link to an interesting story on NPR yesterday about the rails of Aldabra atoll in the Indian Ocean:

Paleontologists believe Aldabra rails went flightless not just once, but twice. Enjoy.

Here just west of Little Rock we are trying to figure out if we will witness more wood duck fledglings in coming days. We still see an occasional adult female woodie either on our small pond or sitting in one of the two the nest box openings. Maybe one of these mornings we'll see a string of little puff balls jumping out of the nest box while peeping: "Geronimo!"

From the deep woods just west of Little Rock,
Barry Haas
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